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Our range of composite doors from Maghull Double Glazing

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Composite Doors Liverpool

Why Switch To Composite Doors


Composite doors are more affordable than many people think, especially when you consider how long they last. Maghull Double Glazing strive to keep their composite door prices competitive for all their customers to ensure you are getting value for money.

Energy Efficiency

All our composite doors are incredibly energy efficient helping insulate your home and stop warm air from escaping. Our composite doors are filled with CFC-free polyurethan foam providing a density of 44.5 – 45.5 kg/m3. Your door will insulate your home even through the toughest weather. A composite door can also contribute to reducing noise pollution from entering your home.


Maghull double Glazing have a huge selection of composite doors available for our Liverpool based clients. We have the choices you have been looking for whether you need natural light, added security or more privacy from your door. Lots of colours and finishes are also available for our doors, further allowing you to make your door unique to you.

Durable & Secure

All our composite doors are incredibly durable, being impact resistant they will be able to withstand large amounts of force. While integrated locking systems will help ensure that your new composite door will be incredibly tough to break into to. Composite doors from Maghull Double Glazing are built to last and protect your home.


Maghull Double Glazing

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Composite Doors Liverpool

Our Range of Traditional Composite Doors

The Gladstone

The Gladstone offers you that timelessly traditional front door aesthetic with all the modern benefits of a composite door. The Gladstone utilises two glazed vertical windowpanes to add some natural light into your homes entrance.

The Collingwood

The Collingwood without doubt is a statement composite door using a large singular piece of rectangular glazing. This stunning door can be customised to perfectly suit your homes aesthetic.

The East Waterloo 1

The East Waterloo 1 provides you with a secure composite door with a single arched glazed frame at the top. Glazing styles can be customised with a variety of transparencies and patterns to ensure privacy.

The East Waterloo 3

This beautiful door offers you 3 glazed panels, two vertical and an one arched. You can tailor your glazing choice to be patterned to further improve its aesthetic. An East Waterloo 3 will ensure lots of natural light can enter your home from your front door.

The West Waterloo 1

The West Waterloo 1 offers you both traditional and modern aesthetics. This energy efficient composite door is a perfect traditional door choice for modern homeowners.

West Waterloo 3

The West Waterloo 3 composite door provides you with the same aesthetics as its West Waterloo 1 counterpart while adding an additional 2 panes of vertical glass, perfect for letting in more natural light.

The Salisbury 2

The Salisbury 2 allows you to maximise your privacy at the front of your home with two small square glazed panels situated at the top of the door. The glazing is large enough to add small amount of natural light into entrance while ensuring your privacy.

The Salisbury 4

Using a square and rectangular design, the stunning Salisbury 4 allows for large amounts of natural light into your home. This energy efficient door is available in many sought after colours.

The Brunswick

The Brunswick uses a half door curved pane of glass to add a timeless look to your new composite door. Despite being heavily glazed this door will still offer you all the energy efficiency benefits you would except from a modern composite door.

The Langton

The Langton is a door that really shouts elegance, using a ¾ pane of glass to cover most of the door. You can customise your glazing choice, its pattern, and transparency to ensure you get both privacy and natural light.

The Trafalgar

The Trafalgar composite door provides you with a 1930’s style door with all the modern benefits you would expect from composite door such as high levels of security and energy efficiency.

The Trafalgar Square

A favourite for homeowners across Liverpool the Trafalgar square offers you a decorative glazed rectangle at the top of your door to allow in lots of natural light. The rest of the door follows a traditional aesthetic to perfectly suit any home.

The Sandon

The Sandon will without doubt suit any home offering both traditional and modern aesthetics. Your doors glazing and colour can be customised to make it truly unique to you.

Deco Duke

The Deco Duke provides your home with both modern and traditional aesthetics. Slimming lines on the panels and box glazing make this door ideal for any modern home.

Deco Stanley

Inspired by Art Deco designs the Deco Stanley offers you a timeless composite door that is both secure and energy efficient. Customise yours with a range of colours and glazing styles.

Deco George

The Deco George provides your home with a bold statement emphasising quality and luxury. This glazed door is both secure, energy efficient and can be customised in a colour of your choosing.

The Canning 1,2 & 3

The Canning is a unique door offering you beautiful diamond shaped glazed panels in the door. You can choose between 1,2 or 3 glazed diamonds to truly set your new composite door apart.

Composite Doors Liverpool

Our Range Of Colours



Steel Blue

Slate Grey

Silver Grey




Prussian Blue



Irish Oak

Golden Oak

Duck Egg

Chili Red

Cream White

Chartwell Green


Cement Grey




Bastille Blue


Anthracite Grey

Anthracite Grey Foiled

Agate Grey

Composite Doors Liverpool

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