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UPVC Fascias

UPVC Fascia’s can be installed, repaired, or replaced on your building by the team at Maghull Double Glazing. Fascia’s are often an over looked part of a roof, but they are integral to ensuring your home and roof are protected from weathering, water damage and wildlife. New UPVC fascia’s are relatively inexpensive especially when compared to how much money they will save you from consistent repair costs. Maghull Double Glazing have skilled UPVC experts who can expertly install your new UPVC Fascia’s for you.


Working in tandem with your fascia’s is the soffit board. This covers the exposed overhang of your roof with a sturdy UPVC board. The soffit like the fascia’s will help protect your home from water damage due to weathering. These roofline features also act as a barrier to pests and rodents who will try to gain access to your roof. Modern UPVC soffits boards allow your roof to ventilate keeping it cool and reducing moisture build up within your roof.


If you notice your gutters are not draining adequately or even overflowing, then you may need to have your gutters maintained or replaced. Gutters that or not maintained regularly will get blockages from dirt, leaves, and twigs. If the blockages are not dealt with large amounts of moss can begin to grow in your gutters and spread to your roof. Gutters are quite affordable to replace and can be easily maintained by skilled professionals such as Maghull Double Glazing. If you are noticing signs of your guttering being ineffective then contact out team today.

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