The Best Ways to Maintain Your Windows

Window maintenance is often an overlooked feature of household care. While with newer windows a simple clean will suffice, for windows that are aging could do with a bit of TLC to prevent further damage or need of repairs or replacements. Regular window maintenance will not only keep your home looking great but also save you a lot of money and headaches in the future, as broken units can cause lots of stress for homeowners especially in the winter months.

While Maghull Double Glazing specialise in installing new windows and repairing damaged units there are many tips and tricks we have come across over the years that can help homeowners like you save time, stress and money. Like with maintenance on any other part of your home little things can add up to make a huge difference.

If you believe your windows are badly damaged and simple maintenance won’t be enough, then Maghull Double Glazing offer a complete Repairs Service

Below are some of our best window maintenance tips to ensure your windows are performing to their highest standards.

Inspect Your Windows

Although it seems obvious it is very easy to miss little problems that can lead to further deterioration. You should set aside time each year to inspect your windows in full, look for cracks, blemishes, drafts, damages to sealant and ease of opening. Ensuring all these issues are not a problem will help give you the peace of mind you need to ensure that your windows are not in need of urgent repair.

It is also a good idea to inspect your windows after larger storms as water damage can badly affect an already degrading window. Be sure there is not water residue building up around your window and your glazing is still clear and not misted.

Inspect Caulking Around Your Window

Speaking of water damage, it is important to inspect the caulking around your window. Caulking or sealant around a window frame is there to protect your window from water entering the unit itself. Window sealants can degrade over time, if water enters your window unit it can cause irreparable damage which may lead to needing an entire placement.

Clean & Check Window Tracks

If when inspecting your windows, you realise that your window is stiff or harder to slide open than it has been previously you will need to clean your window tracks. Window tracks will eventually build up with dirt and debris overtime making opening and closing difficult. Unattended window tracks can eventually lead to damage or your window becoming completely stuck.

If Your windows opening and closing is becoming an issue you can look into using lubricant on the frame tracks. You should check with your window supplier first about which products are best to use on the window tracks as some products may will require specialist lubricants.

You can find many window track lubricants online at B&Q like this one

Check The Visibility of Your Units

Be sure to check the visibility of your windowpanes in both light and dark conditions. If you feel like your view is obscured or window misting is building up, then it is probably time to contact your local window repairs specialist to resolve the problem before it becomes a bigger issue.

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Clean Your Windows Regularly

Warm Soapy water will often suffice for a quick window clean. Cleaning the glazing and the frames will help reduce any stains or dirt building up that can cause damage to your window over time. Semi-regularly cleaning your windows will not only improve the look of your home but also increase the longevity of your windows over time.

Check Hinges & Handles

When inspecting your windows, you should also be checking your hinges and handles inspect them for stiffness and ease of opening. Any window hinges or handles that are stiff to open will require more force and can lead to damage over time.

Get Your Local Specialist in For Repairs

Maghull Double Glazing offer a complete range of window repairs from broken units to plane replacement. Maghull Double Glazing will handle every aspect of window repairs including:

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  • Window hinges and handle replacements.

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In Conclusion

Maintaining your windows is an often overlooked but simple task. It is worthwhile to ensure your windows are well maintained as this will increase their life span and save your money on repairs or replacements. While window maintenance is not needed regularly it will help to keep an eye on the condition of your windows whenever you have a moment to do so. Well kept double glazing will help save you a lot of money and stress in the long run.

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