Purchasing new double glazed windows doesn’t need to be a difficult process, but there are certain aspects that you need to be aware of before committing.

The team at Maghull Double Glazing are on hand to help, and will happily give our expert advice on what to look for when buying UPVC windows.

In fact, we’ll give you nine of our best tips.

Energy Efficiency

First and foremost, you’ll want to be sure of the energy efficiency of the UPVC windows in question. All windows have what is known as a Window Energy Rating (WER). This rating system runs from A to G and, as you might have guessed, rates the energy rating of a window.

A++ is the highest grade, while G is the lowest. The lowest accepted grade in the UK that is deemed satisfactory in meeting building regulations is a C, and has been this way since 2010.

A++ windows are the most expensive, and by expensive, we mean they come at a premium price. In our opinion, a B rated UPVC window is more than adequate.

Check out our average price for new windows post to familiarise yourself with how much you should be looking to pay.

Genuinely rated products are labelled with a small official sticker on the inside of the frame. So keep an eye out for that.

Windows that aren’t fitted with energy efficiency in mind will end up costing you more on heating in the long run. Go for quality to begin with, and reap the long term benefits.


Let’s talk about the actual reason for having windows in a building. They let in natural sunlight, as opposed to brickwork around the entire structure. Windows are an essential to bring a building or room to life, and energy efficiency is one of the two most important aspects of any window.

The other crucial requirement is to provide security. Similarly to the energy efficiency demands, all windows have to meet certain security standards by law.

There are different security requirements depending on where in a building a window is to be fitted. Given their ease of accessibility, ground floor and basement windows are required to meet a PAS 24 enhanced security standard.

A really important security tip is one that many don’t think of. Ensure that the windows have been glazed from the inside, as externally glazed windows are much easier for burglars to penetrate given that the beads can be removed from the outside.

All UPVC windows must be made of type 304 grade stainless steel and be fitted with handles and hinges.


The quality of workmanship at Maghull Double Glazing is unquestionable. We pride ourselves on our craft and that is what has given us the staying power to proudly be known as the longest running double glazing company in Liverpool.

Given that we are a local business, we rely on that reputation and simply aren’t willing to risk it. Quality workmanship is the bare minimum for our team.

We accept nothing less than the highest quality products that are sourced from some of Europe’s leading manufacturers.

The Double Glazing Quality

You’ll want to know what the spacers are made from. These are the internal strips along the edge of the window, and we would recommend composite, rubber or plastic spacers.

If you are opting for argon gas filled double glazing then it is absolutely imperative that the seals are fitted perfectly. Loosely fitted seals, along with damage during instillation, can result in excess leakage.

28mm is considered to be the best performing option in terms of window thickness. However, depending on your area and building, 20mm or 24mm can be just as effective.

Take a read of our 10 benefits of double glazing article to see exactly what to look out for when choosing your next windows.

Window Frame Quality

The most important thing in terms of window frame quality is that the beading is fitted internally. We have mentioned that already, but it really is a necessity. The checks shouldn’t end there though.

Welded joints are more likely to prevent gaps forming as the window expands and contracts with the elements. Mechanical joints can result in gaps forming over time and this can lead to water leaks and draughts. This is much less likely with welded joints.

The rubbers seals around the glass can get stretched during fitting, and can they shrink back over time and leave another unwanted gap. Make sure there are no such openings to begin with.


Any UPVC window provided and fitted by Maghull Double Glazing will be as stylish as they come. You will just need to decide on your preference. Not only stylish, newer UPVC windows are better performers than older versions.

With our range, you can keep it old school with your style while making no compromise on the performance of your windows – the best of both worlds.

Make no mistake, style is extremely important. You spend a lot of time looking out of your windows, so you want to make sure they are as slick as possible.

Colour Choice

White is without question the most popular colour choice in modern-day double glazing. For good reason too, it looks great!

However, some of us like to be a little different. If you fall into this category, you’ll love the options available at Maghull Double Glazing. We can even tailor your colour choice to suit your needs. All you have to do is ask. Give us a call on 0151 526 8200 to discuss your options.


We have that much confidence in our products and services that we offer a comprehensive ten-year guarantee on all of our products as standard.

Nope, that isn’t a typo. Ten years is our guarantee term. If other companies aren’t willing to match that, perhaps they aren’t as confident in their service as we are.

Work With Trusted Businesses Only

This is solid advice in all walks of life, but we’re here to advise you on your windows, not life choices.

As far as double glazing goes, we won’t be beaten. We offer free quotes to put you at ease, have over 40 years’ experience, and have serviced over 30,000 customers.

We must be doing something right.

To find out exactly what that is, give us a call or email us on info@maghulldoubleglazing.co.uk. We’d be thrilled to help.