If you’re wondering how much it is going to cost to replace your windows in your house, there are an array of factors that you need to consider.

We understand more than anyone why you might want to replace your current windows, and why you are researching the average price for new windows.

In reality, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer.

Not what you wanted to hear? We understand. A rough estimate per replacement window fitted is between £350 and £600. However, believe us when we tell you that the price can differ a lot, based on a number of factors.

Hopefully, in reading this blog post, we will help you to understand exactly what it is you’re looking for in a new window, and the estimated cost involved.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Window Size

It’s hardly a shocking revelation, but the bigger the window in question, the more it is going to cost. If you’re upgrading the window size, be sure to allow for any building costs involved in expanding the window spaces.

Then of course, there is the size of the house to consider. A terrace house usually has anything from 6-14 windows, whereas a semi-detached can range from 10-20 windows.

Detached houses can have as few as 10 windows, with as many as 30 possible. You won’t need us to tell you that, the more windows being fitted, the higher the costs involved.

Typically, you’ll be looking to pay between £2,000-£2,300 to install four new windows, with up to £4,350 for eight windows.

Replacing 10 windows can cost up to £5,500, whereas a bigger job of replacing 15 or more will be priced in excess of £8,000.

Style of Window

Now you’ve been around your house and counted the number of windows that you have, and figured out how many you want replacing, it’s time to talk about the style of window.

Below are just a handful of window styles, each of which are available at Maghull Double Glazing:

  • Plain glass
  • Laded glass
  • Sash window
  • Bay window
  • Georgian bar glass

Naturally, each of the above come with their own unique price range, and we would be more than happy to talk you through your options.

Not all of your windows will open, but the ones that do will need locks fitting. These are all things to consider.

Double glazing is available in a variety of styles. You just need to figure out which one gets the thumbs up from you.

We’re all about making life easier for you, so we’re going to go through a few of your options.

UPVC White Casement

As a direct result of their competitive pricing, casement windows are the most popular around. We all like purchasing top quality without having to break the bank, don’t we?

We would always recommend casement windows with hinges as they allow for fresh air to circulate around your home. This is particularly useful on a warm summer day.

Whether you want your new windows to open inwards or outwards is entirely your choice, we suggest you are best opting for outwards if you own furniture that is to be placed under the windows.

Casement windows on hinges add an extra security measure, as they will only open so far. This is certainly advisable if you live on the ground floor or if you are thinking of replacing your downstairs windows.

The average price for your new windows will of course vary, but you will be looking to pay between around £150-£175 for a 500mm x 500m UPVC white casement window. Want one of your windows to open? You’ll be looking at around double the price.

A 1,000mm x 1,000mm window will cost up to £250 without the opening functionality, while a fitting with one opening window is around £350.

French UPVC White Casement

Another popular alternative, although more expensive, is the French UPVC white casement option.

The difference between the French windows and the standard option quoted above, is that there is no supporting bar across the middle of the frame.

In essence, both sides can open up, allowing for unrivalled ventilation and a clearer view of the outside. If you are lucky enough to have a stunning view outside of your property, you may want to push the boat out and opt for the French UPVC white casement.

Your 500mm x 500m French casement can cost anywhere from £450-£500, with an extra £50 expected for your 1,000mm x 1,000mm windows.

There is most certainly value to be had if you opt for the larger window.

Tilt/Turn Windows

The most versatile of all the window fittings, the tile/turn windows are proving to be more and more popular in recent times.

They look great and can open up more than enough to provide maximum ventilation on a hot day. The best part? They’re extremely low maintenance due to the high manufacturing during production. The tilt/turn option will not let you down.

They may take a little getting used to, and by that we mean one or two attempts. Using the top handle to open the frame sees your window tilt inwards or outwards from the bottom of the pane. If you open them using the side handle, it opens inwards or outwards like a standard casement window would.

The average price of a tilt/turn fitting isn’t too dissimilar to that of a French UPVC white casement. For reference, a 1,000mm x 1,000mm window is priced at between £480-£520.

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Sash Windows

Is it just us who thinks of someone angrily sliding their windows up in a film when sash windows prices are mentioned?

The mechanism behind them is extremely simple. It has two layers of double glazing, one at the top and one at the bottom. You can slide one of the layers either vertically or horizontally behind the other. Usually, the bottom layer slides up to open the window, either all the way or up or partially.

Your 500mm x 500mm sash windows can be fitted in the range of £535-£590. There isn’t too much of a price jump in the 1,000mm x 1,000mm option, with pricing looking at £635-£700.

Feel free to ask a member of our team about double hung sash windows. They’re in fashion at the moment and are seen as practical in terms of toddler safety and as a security measure.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are, simply put, beautiful. Naturally, the amount of window that is required to be fitted means that you’ll be paying more than your average price for new windows.

However, if aesthetics is high on your priority list, you’ll love bay windows.

They tend to be fitted in a group of three, four or even five side by side. The design sees them angle outwards and then back in, offering a real unique look and feel.

Three-section bay windows are priced between £1,050-£1,325, whereas the four-section option will cost around £1,425-£1,675.

Finally, the five-section bay windows can cost up to £2,200.

Why Double Glazing is the Way Forward

Most properties in the UK are fitted with double glazing windows, with some even stretching to triple glazing. The latter is often used in areas that suffer from a lot of noise pollution, such as near airports.

For the most part, double glazing is the best option, and we at Maghull Double Glazing can own the process from start to finish.

One thing that we ask you to always keep in mind is energy efficiency. We understand that it is a lot of money to fit your new double-glazed windows around your property, but doing so can see you save an awful lot of money through cheaper energy bills. Take a read of our blog on how double glazing reduces heat loss.

When you take into account that the average lifespan of a window is around 25 years, the savings are there for all to see.

Consider this little-known fact also. Your new double glazing is estimated to boost your property value by as much as 10%.

It’s a big decision, and one that you shouldn’t make before consulting with the experts. You’ll want to know the difference between old and new double glazing as well as which glass is best for double glazing.

Our team are on hand to help answer your questions, and to offer guidance on what we think are the best options for you.

A window is more than just something to look out of. We fully understand that you have your own styles that you will want to compliment. With that in mind, our experts are very mindful not to try and force you into a decision that you aren’t comfortable with. We would much rather guide you based on the information that you provide us with.

Feel free to give us a call on 0151 526 8200 or email us on info@maghulldoubleglazing.co.uk. Alternatively, fill out our contact page with your query and we will get back to you as soon as possible.