If your home is fitted with double glazed windows, great, you’re already experiencing the many benefits.

However, one question you should be asking yourself is this: “Is my double glazing as good as it could be?”

The answer is intrinsically linked to exactly when you had your windows fitted. Old double glazing vs new? Allow us to explain the difference.

Old Double Glazing vs New: Is it Time to Upgrade?

Putting aside the aesthetic benefits of fitting new windows in your home (we’ll touch on that later), well-installed windows can significantly improve the comfort of you and your family.

It goes without saying that, if your windows are letting in a draft and cold air is circulating around your house, then they are not fit for purpose. If that is the case, the time has most definitely arrived to make an upgrade.

The average house loses roughly 10% of heat through doors and windows. That seems a lot, especially when you are having to pay more to keep your property heated. It starts to seem an awful lot more when you consider that you could be losing more than the average 10% of heat through not upgrading your windows. Take a read of our recent blog explaining how long double glazing lasts.

There are some clear and obvious signs that it is time to replace your existing windows. If you can tick off one or more of the below, then the time may well have come to upgrade.

Water Leaking Through the Frame

Who wants water leaking through their windows and into their living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens? No one does, of course!

If water is leaking through your frame, there is every chance that the weather seal may have failed. Failing that, the drainage may be faulty.

Neither is ideal, and the time has come for you to invest in some new double glazing.

Condensation Between the Panes

Annoying, isn’t it? The build of condensation on your windows not only looks unappealing, it also indicates a leak within the two panes of glass. Quite simply, the gas cavity between the window panes isn’t sealed, and you should look to replace your windows permanently.

Chips in the Glass

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You wouldn’t drive your car with cracked windows, so why would you accept it in your home? Old double glazing vs new double glazing doesn’t really come into this. If you have a crack in your window, it is time to replace them.


As mentioned earlier in this blog, a draft flowing through your home is not only uncomfortable, but can prove costly.

The most likely reason is that your seal has broken, allowing for outside drafts. This isn’t pleasant, particularly in the winter, and Maghull Double Glazing can help address this situation.

Old Double Glazing vs New: Dispelling the Myths

At Maghull Double Glazing, we’re not about scare mongering. There are plenty of double glazed windows that were fitted years ago that remain fit for purpose.

If you’re wondering how long does double glazing last, our recent blog goes some way to explaining just that.

The average lifespan of double glazing is 20 years. This can alter to between 10-35 years, dependent on the location of the windows, quality of fitting, materials and temperature.

Saving money on fitting new double glazed windows won’t happen overnight. Of course, there is a cost involved in fitting your new windows and, although you will save money through your energy and heating bills, it could be a number of years until your windows start paying for themselves.

Of course, once they have paid for themselves, the savings you make on paying less for heating your home begins to look all the more appealing.

There are ‘quick fixes’ out there, and some can even be effective. However, they are exactly that, and shouldn’t be considered for long term gains.

For example, fogged up windows are usually a result of the gas that is held between the window panes leaking. When this happens, air can enter the void and condensation appears.

This is far from ideal if you are lucky enough to enjoy a picturesque view from your window. Or even if you just want to be able to see visibly out of your window, that isn’t too much to ask, is it?

There are re-sealing kits that you can purchase. However, they are fairly expensive and don’t produce long-term results. They may clear that unwanted condensation at first, but it will be back in a few months. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

On top of improved comfort, saving on your bills, reduced condensation, less noise pollution, and added security, fitting new double glazed windows can also add value to your home.

New windows and doors can really boost the aesthetics of a property, and if you’re looking to sell up in the future, you’ll want to make your home as appealing as possible. Newly fitted windows are a great place to start.

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