So you are thinking about fitting double glazing units to existing wooden frames?

More often than not, this can be done without any problems. However, we all know that wood can deteriorate over time, more so than a lot of other materials, so there are a few pointers to look out for first and foremost.

It goes without saying that the existing frames should be in a decent condition, as fitting new windows into a decrepit frame is more work than it is worth. The last thing you want is to put time and money into your new windows only for the wooden frames to decay shortly after the completion of the job.

While they can look fantastic and retro when looked after, you’ll want to be absolutely certain that the rebate in your existing wooden frame is deep enough to hold the size of window that you are opting for. Failure to check for this can result in the job hitting a major snag before it has really got underway.

For instance, if you are increasing the depth of your windows from single glazed up to double or even triple, you will need to account for the increase in size of glass used and ensure that your frame can hold it.

While a frame that is too narrow isn’t ideal, it isn’t a deal breaker. Stepped sealed units can be used to combat the problem, with a larger sheet of glass fitted precisely where the original was, with a smaller sheet fitted on the inside. If you are keen to find out more about stepped sealed units, simply get in touch with the Maghull Double Glazing team on 0151 526 8200.

Prior to the glazing taking place, you’ll want to be sure of an edge clearance to prevent the frame and glass from coming into contact. Furthermore, such an edge will remove the chance of water from gathering between the rebate and the edge of the seal.

Our “How To” Steps

First and foremost, you’ll want to be absolutely certain that the everything is clean. Once fitted, any scuffs or dirt become much more difficult to deal with.

Once clean, you’ll need to carefully apply the glazing strip to the back of the rebate itself and place two glazing blocks at the bottom. From there, sit the unit on the blocks and gently push against the back. There should be a 3mm gap between the edge of the unit and the wood, allowing for thermal movement.

You’ll then need to place the beads around the unit itself, nice and snug. To complete, run a seal of silicone sealant between the face of the glass and the back of the rebate, forming a watertight seal.

We’re only too aware that not everyone is able to fit their own double glazing, in fact most people wouldn’t be able to.

If that is the case, fear not. The Maghull Double Glazing team have been looking after the people of Merseyside and beyond for over 40 years. Get in touch with your needs to find out why we’re so trusted.