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If you’re wondering how to adjust double glazing windows, the chances are that there is a problem and you are keen to rectify it.

Fear not, the Maghull Double Glazing team are experts in this field and are on hand to talk you through what should be a fairly straightforward process.

Stick with the below steps, and you shouldn’t go far wrong. Failing that, the team are available to assist you in sending one of our dedicated professionals out to your home and are contactable on 0151 526 8200.

Before then, let’s see if we can talk you through the steps on how to adjust your double glazed windows, and why they may have shifted out of place slightly.

Reasons To Adjust Double Glazing Windows

Windows serve several purposes, none more important than any other. They are designed to provide natural daylight into your home, while also protection you from the outside elements. There shouldn’t be any gaps in the surrounding areas, and those with open and closing functionalities need to do so without any effort at all.

While windows allow you to see outside, we often don’t want to hear what is going on around our home. If you can hear everything outside your house, the below steps are likely going to help fix this issue.

Naturally, if your windows are jamming when you try and open them, there is a fault somewhere and a readjustment will need to be made.

Similarly, if your window is sticking when it shuts and it is become difficult to open, the height will more than likely need altering.

The process is reasonably simple, and involves loosening screws before readjusting the sashes into the frame and back to their initial place.

However, we’re fully aware that you’re not reading this page to be told how easy the task is. So, without further ado, let’s get down to the steps involved.

How To Adjust Double Glazing Windows

There are two main methods that homeowners tend to use when adjusting their double glazing windows. The first involves altering the height of the window frame itself, while the second sees you adjusting the lock position itself, making for a more complete seal. A glance at where exactly the window is faulty should show you which method you need to follow, but we’ll go through each so that you can approach the situation with confidence.

Adjusting The Height Of The Window Frame

After an initial glance at the bottom of the frame, check to see if the sash itself fits as it should. To do this, we would recommend opening and closing the window several times. There is already an issue, we have established that, but if it is that the lower part of the sash is sticking against the frame, the height will need to be brought up.

As you can imagine, the opposite is true if the sash doesn’t quite make it down to the bottom frame.

We would always recommend opening your window fully to complete any alterations, as this gives you a clearer picture of the movements. Additionally, you will be required to unscrew some bolts within the window frames, so the more you open them the better the access you have.

Loosen all of the screws (usually four) on the left side of the frame and then repeat the process on the right. Remember the old phrase – lefty loosey, tighty righty. You won’t go far wrong!

From there, you need to push upwards to raise the window or height, or downwards to lower it. Keep in mind that particularly heavy frames may be pulled down upon its own weight, so consider asking a family member or friend to join you for this bit to support the frame.

Once you are happy with the new position of the window, tighten the screws back into place before opening and closing your window a few times to test that your adjustments are correct.

If you are even the slightest bit dissatisfied, repeat the process until you are happy. The last thing you want is a draft sweeping around your home and the more you use the window, the more it will move out of position if you don’t correct it accordingly the first time round. Find out how much they cost.

Adjust The Lock Position For Better Seal

There’s something ironic about the very mechanism that is meant to keep your windows secure being the thing that it proving to be the issue.

You need not worry, however, it is very possible to alter the position of your window lock without too much effort.

Most modern windows open outwards, meaning that you can move the lock forwards or backwards. Head to that trusty tool box and produce an Allen key and insert it into the head of the lock.

In order to move the lock forwards or backwards, depending on which way it is catching, turn the key clockwise or anticlockwise. You’ll be able to see which way this works, but for the avoidance of doubt, clockwise moves the lock away from the mechanism and improve the pressure on your locked windows.

If you are struggling to close your windows, or it takes an awful lot of strength to lock it, then you’ll need to turn anticlockwise to relax the pressure.


We would highly recommend keeping on top of the position of your double glazed windows, and regularly checking to see if they need adjusting. Once you have completed the action once, you’ll have more confidence in doing so in the future.

As is the case with a lot of issues, regular maintenance will save you a bigger financial outlay in the long run.

If you don’t have the practical confidence to adjust your windows yourself, don’t worry, you’re far from alone.

That is where the experts come in. The Maghull Double Glazing team have been trading throughout Merseyside and beyond for over 40 years, and have helped over 30,000 customers in that time.

Our reputation as a leading double glazing company has been built through years of trusted work, and we would be happy to assist you.

Give us a call or email us on info@maghulldoubleglazing.co.uk.