The benefits of double glazing your doors and windows are many. However, how exactly do the double glazing units work? How do they prevent heat from escaping your house and cold air from getting inside?

Aside from the roof, windows are the quickest way for heat to leave your home. While most of us desire airy and light homes, there is always a price to pay for having so much glass in high energy bills as well as a colder home. You can see it clearly on a frosty morning when the non-insulated homes do not have frost on their roof because of the heat escaping and stopping it from forming.

A similar situation can happen to your windows.

How Does Double Glazing Reduce Heat Loss In A House

Double glazing reduces heat loss in a house through the following ways:

Temperature Control

The impressive insulation attributes of double glazing usually work in two ways. Firstly, it makes your house warm during winter. Secondly, in the summer, you experience a cooler home.

The insulating layer of gas or air inside your window unit dramatically reduces heat transfer from the warm air outside. This means that you enjoy effective temperature control inside your home.

Reflective E-Coating

Do you know that some windows feature a shiny e-coating film on the glass’ inside area? The main benefit of this is the fact that it reflects heat right back into your room. Conventional glass is a great conductor of heat, which means that it will transfer heat quickly into the cool air present on the outside. With an e-coating, glass does not conduct heat which means that the inside part of your home remains warmer as a result.

Improved Insulation

The gas or air inside your double glazing unit normally acts as an insulator. While this does not prevent heat from completely escaping, it drastically reduces the amount of heat that’s lost via the windows.

Moreover, since the air gap is narrow, air has less room to efficiently circulate around the unit. What does this mean? It simply means that there is some amount of heat that is lost via convection.

Effective double glazing accounts for around 54% – 64% reduction in heat reduction from the home.

Additional Benefits of Double Glazed Windows

On top of reducing the loss of heat from your house, double glazed windows bring with a number of added benefits. Installing such kind of windows represents a major investment that might feel like a huge outlay for some little real improvement.

The following are some of the other reasons double glazing is a wonderful investment for your house:

1: Makes home more energy efficient

Double-glazing is better in terms of being more efficient compared to regular doors and windows. This goes miles in limiting the amount of heat that is lost which translates to reduced energy consumption. Ultimately, you can be able to enjoy lower heating bills and a warmer home while at the same time mitigating carbon emissions. On top of that, double glazed windows are handy at helping to ensure your home maintains a constant temperature in such a way that you can be able to enjoy comfortable ambient temperature consistently. As mentioned earlier, you’ll enjoy a cooler environment in the summer and warm environment in the winter.

2: Brightens your Home’s Appearance

Although it may feel like upgrades to your kitchen or interior will yield greater aesthetic rewards, it is worth remembering that doors and windows are the first thing that people see immediately they arrive at your home. A variety of double glazing styles for doors and windows are available today to help you perfect the outward appearance of your home.

3: An Easier to Maintain Home

uPVC windows to be specific provide greater ease of maintenance. They don’t need any painting. All you need to do is just wash them down frequently with some warm soapy water to keep your windows feeling and looking fresh for years.

4: A More Secure Home

One of the best attributes about double glazed doors and windows is that they are stronger compared to the conventional single pane windows. Additionally, the frames are more rigid which makes them difficult to break into. On top of protecting your home from forced entry, this can also act as a major deterrent to intruders.

5: A Quieter Home

Double glazing is highly effective at significantly reducing any unwanted noise thus ensuring you can enjoy the desire quietness and peace at home.

6: Reduced Condensation

Condensation occurs when cold air from the outside meets with the hot surface. The air gap that is inside the two panes usually keeps the inside glass of your unit at room temperature hence virtually eliminating the condensation. Does your home constantly experience condensation issues? If yes, then you should consider double glazing as it might really help reduce it.

How Much Can You Save By Installing Double Glazing Windows?

The Energy Saving Trust opines that it is possible to make substantial savings on energy bills once you manage to install double glazing. For instance, if you opt for an ‘’A’’ rated unit and you happen to have a semi-detached home, then the savings will translate to £85 – £115 annually. For most people, that translates to around 10% – 15% of the total energy bills. These are quite some savings by any standards. The best part is that they last for the entire duration or lifespan of your windows. It can be up to 35 years depending on various factors.

The average step up every rating system level roughly equates to an additional 15% on the unit’s cost but you might feel that the savings you make in terms of energy costs make it worthwhile.

Most people install double glazing because they desire a more comfortable and warmer home. However, if you aren’t careful about your choice or opt for the least efficient options, it might become very difficult to realise the benefits and savings you had hoped for. By doing your homework right, it’s possible to achieve a beautiful and relaxed home easily.

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